About Us

Organization Information

Bahadır was established in 2011 based on the following founding purposes;

Public and private law real persons or legal entities and non-governmental organizations at home and abroad on the subjects they need, especially general management issues, communication, project, marketing, management systems, efficiency, product, production, budgeting and cost accounting, Providing restructuring, project management services, training and consultancy on financial reporting, occupational health and management systems, all kinds of incentive practices.

To provide consultancy in accordance with all kinds of management and product standards and to carry out compliance audits on these issues.

To prepare annual budgets, cash flow, fund flow tables, investment projects of public and private law real persons or legal entities, to make profit analyzes and to prepare reports on similar subjects and present them to the relevant parties.

All kinds of computers and computer side products, computing devices and hardware, computing software, computing systems, electronic and telecommunication devices, computer-aided security, media backup and measurement systems, internet software, hardware and connection services installation, internal and external trade, management consultancy, carrying out and commissioning related assembly and disassembly works.


Bahadır, with its expert, qualified and experienced employees, works towards its establishment objectives.
provides services.