Strategic Management Specialization (Strategic Planning Manager) Certificate Training

Name of Training Strategic Management Specialization (Strategic Planning Manager) Certificate Training
Educator’s Name, Surname  
Education Place  
Education History  
Education Time 30 hours or 5 person. day (6 hours / day)
Education Fee
Purpose of Education
  • Learning the concept of strategic management at a level to prepare a strategic plan
  • Learning strategic management concepts
  • Learning how to make strategic planning with strategy development elements
  • Learning to define Vision, Mission, core values, corporate and unit goals
  • Learning how to conduct scope analysis for a large-scale company
  • Learning how to conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Analysis [SWOT (GZFT)] for a large-scale company
  • Learning the documents required for the establishment of the strategic management structure in a large-scale company organization
  • Preparation of strategic plan, performance program and activity report in accordance with law no. 5018
Benefits of Education
  • To have the knowledge to prepare strategic plans that are valid for all public institutions in accordance with Law No. 5018
  • To have knowledge of preparing performance programs that are valid for all public institutions in accordance with Law No. 5018
  • To have knowledge of preparing activity reports valid for all public institutions in accordance with Law No. 5018
  • To have knowledge about the vision, mission, core values ​​and corporate and unit goals of a large-scale company.
  • To have up-to-date and legally enforced strategic management knowledge
  • Having knowledge about industry experiences
  • To provide added value to people who are in the process of starting business life, at the start of employment
  • Providing the opportunity to work in departments and projects related to strategy development
  • Transferring strategic management issues to individual life
  • Having the ability to prepare the necessary documents with sample workshops
  • Strategic Management expertise (Strategic Planning Manager) certificate
Contents 1.       What is Strategic Management?

2.      The relationship of strategic management principles with laws and management systems

3.      Explaining the strategic management process

4.      Determination of vision, mission and core values

5.      Current situation analysis (analysis of institutional context)

a.        Scope analysis

i.            Determining interested parties and their requirements

ii.           Determination of internal and external processes (services)

iii.          Identifying dependencies between processes (services)

iv.          Environmental Analysis (PESTS)

v.           Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis (SWOT or SWOT)

6.      Determining strategic goals

7.      Determining strategic goals

8.      Determination of actions

9.      Resource needs and action planning

10.    Strategic planning with strategy development elements

a.        Where are we? What situation are we in?

i.            Determination of Unit Strategies (based on SWOT, PESTS analyses)

ii.           Fields of Activity, Products and Services

iii.          Performance Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation

b.        Where will we go?

i.            Unit Strategic Objectives

ii.           Unit Strategic Objectives

iii.          Unit Performance Measures

iv.          Process Performance Measures

c.        What? With How? We will go

i.            Unit Actions (Projects, Activities)

ii.           Resource Need for Unit Actions

11.     Strategic Plan preparation

12.    Preparation of Performance Program

13.    Preparation of Activity Report

14.    Exam

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