Process Management Specialization (Corporate Management Architect) Certificate Training

Name of Training Process Management specialization (Corporate Management Architect) Certificate Training
Educator’s Name, Surname  
Education Place  
Education History  
Education Time 60 hours or 10 person. day (6 hours / day)
Education Fee
Purpose of Education
  • Learning process management at a level that will establish the structure of today’s management systems (ISO 9001, 27001, 22301, 14001, 20000, etc.).
  • Learning process management concepts
  • Learning the relationship between process, organization and project
  • Learning the organizational structure of large-scale companies
  • Learning workflows between large-scale company units
  • Learning the product (service) life process of a large-scale company
  • Learning the design and development process
  • Learning the production process
  • Learning the Financial Affairs process
  • Learning how to manage changes in the product lifecycle
  • Learning and preparing the necessary documents for the establishment of a large-scale company organization or process structure
Benefits of Education
  • To have the knowledge to establish the structure of today’s management systems (ISO 9001, 27001, 22301, 20000, etc.) throughout a large-scale company
  • Having knowledge of the workflows of a large-scale company
  • Having knowledge about internal and external data flows of a large-scale company
  • Having knowledge about the document structure of a large-scale company
  • Having up-to-date process management knowledge that is required by law
  • Having knowledge about industry experiences
  • To provide added value to people who are in the process of starting business life, at the start of employment
  • To provide people in business life with the opportunity to work in relevant departments and projects within the company
  • Transferring process management issues to individual life
  • Having the ability to prepare the necessary documents with sample workshops


  • Process Management Specialist (Corporate Management Architect) certificate
Contents 1.      What is Process Management?

2.     Process management principles in today’s management system standards (ISO 9001, 27001, 22301, 20000, etc.)

3.     Process Analysis

4.     Organization process relationship

5.     Product (Service) Life Process

6.     Systems Engineering

7.     Pre-sales processes (Marketing, Sales, etc.)

8.     Design and Development Process

9.     Production Process (Including Shipment, Packaging, Transportation, etc.)

10.   Installation and deployment processes

11.    Maintenance (including customer service)

12.   Support processes

a.      Information systems

b.      Strategic Management

c.      Quality (Corporate management systems)

d.      Purchasing

e.      Human Resources

f.       Financial Affairs (Finance / Accounting)

g.      Change and Configuration Management

h.      Communication

i.       Law

j.       Social Services (including Food, Transportation, etc.)

13.   Preparation of necessary documents (the following documents are provided for informational purposes, other documents can be created)

a.      Process Analyzes

b.      Interface and Dependencies_Process Analysis Result Form

c.      Organization, Roles and Responsibilities

d.     Process Definition Documents (for all processes)

e.     Prosedürler (örnek olarak)

14.  Exam

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